Find the latest presentations by members of our collaboration below.

Presentation title Relevant event Date File
Introduction to CERN openlab for 2019 CERN Open Days (English version) 2019 CERN Open Days 01-10-19
Introduction to CERN openlab for 2019 CERN Open Days (French version) 2019 CERN Open Days 01-10-19
Quantum Computing for High Energy Physics Applications PhD Course PhD Course on Quantum Computing 2018, University of Pavia 07-03-19
BioDynaMo: Biological simulation in the cloud CERN IT Technical Forum 10-08-18
Containers on Baremetal And Preemptible Servers at CERN and SKA OpenStack summit 10-07-18
Moving from CellsV1 to CellsV2 at CERN OpenStack summit in Vancouver 10-07-18
Maria Girone ISC keynote ISC 2018 25-06-18
Multi-Cloud Federated Kubernetes at CERN KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2018 04-05-18
Smart Data Analytics Platform for Science Early-Career Researchers in Medical Applications 12-02-18
The Anticipated Challenges of Running Biomedical Simulations in the Cloud Early-Career Researchers in Medical Applications 12-02-18
WebLogic on Kubernetes CERN openlab meeting with Oracle in Geneva 17-01-18
Using FPGA accelerators for the calorimeter decoding in the LHCb upgrade 13-12-17
Building Secure Rest Architectures With ORDS Tech17 Conference, Birmingham 04-12-17
Extending an asynchronous messaging library using an RDMA-enabled interconnect EMP CSLab 30-10-17
Accelerating Clouds Through Science HCE 2017 26-10-17
Physics Data Analytics and Data Reduction with Apache Spark Extremely Large Database Conference ‘XLDB’ 2017 10-10-17
Enterprise Research at Scale: CERN’s Experience With Oracle Big Data Platform Oracle Open World, San Francisco 03-10-17
Big Data in Healthcare Innovation in Healthcare: Futuro Summit, Florence, 2017 29-09-17
Clouds at CERN Huawei Connect, Shanghai 09-09-17
Refactor of Rota application using modern developer techniques: Oracle Restful Data Services & Oracle Jet 01-08-17
Acceleration of High Energy Physics Algorithms used for the LHCb Upgrade with the new Intel Xeon+FPGA ISC 2017 20-06-17
CERN’s Journey into Big Data and Analytics ESADE Business School, Big Data and Analytics Executive Program 10-05-17
OpenStack at Scale Huawei at CeBit for openlab 20-03-17
CERN's Journey into Big Data and Analytics: An Opportunity Full of Challenges Oracle Modern Business Experience, London 01-02-17