Find the latest presentations by members of our collaboration below.

Presentation title Relevant event Date File
True Random Privacy team at the RaP! hackathon 05-11-20
Parameters selection for Blurred Image Matching ICRV 2020 14-08-20
Introduction to CERN openlab for 2019 CERN Open Days (French version) 2019 CERN Open Days 01-10-19
Introduction to CERN openlab for 2019 CERN Open Days (English version) 2019 CERN Open Days 01-10-19
Quantum Computing for High Energy Physics Applications PhD Course PhD Course on Quantum Computing 2018, University of Pavia 07-03-19
BioDynaMo: Biological simulation in the cloud CERN IT Technical Forum 10-08-18
Moving from CellsV1 to CellsV2 at CERN OpenStack summit in Vancouver 10-07-18
Containers on Baremetal And Preemptible Servers at CERN and SKA OpenStack summit 10-07-18
Maria Girone ISC keynote ISC 2018 25-06-18
Multi-Cloud Federated Kubernetes at CERN KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2018 04-05-18
The Anticipated Challenges of Running Biomedical Simulations in the Cloud Early-Career Researchers in Medical Applications 12-02-18
Smart Data Analytics Platform for Science Early-Career Researchers in Medical Applications 12-02-18
WebLogic on Kubernetes CERN openlab meeting with Oracle in Geneva 17-01-18
Using FPGA accelerators for the calorimeter decoding in the LHCb upgrade 13-12-17
Building Secure Rest Architectures With ORDS Tech17 Conference, Birmingham 04-12-17
Extending an asynchronous messaging library using an RDMA-enabled interconnect EMP CSLab 30-10-17
Accelerating Clouds Through Science HCE 2017 26-10-17
Physics Data Analytics and Data Reduction with Apache Spark Extremely Large Database Conference ‘XLDB’ 2017 10-10-17
Enterprise Research at Scale: CERN’s Experience With Oracle Big Data Platform Oracle Open World, San Francisco 03-10-17
Big Data in Healthcare Innovation in Healthcare: Futuro Summit, Florence, 2017 29-09-17
Clouds at CERN Huawei Connect, Shanghai 09-09-17
Refactor of Rota application using modern developer techniques: Oracle Restful Data Services & Oracle Jet 01-08-17
Acceleration of High Energy Physics Algorithms used for the LHCb Upgrade with the new Intel Xeon+FPGA ISC 2017 20-06-17
CERN’s Journey into Big Data and Analytics ESADE Business School, Big Data and Analytics Executive Program 10-05-17
OpenStack at Scale Huawei at CeBit for openlab 20-03-17
CERN's Journey into Big Data and Analytics: An Opportunity Full of Challenges Oracle Modern Business Experience, London 01-02-17