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CERN openlab undertakes significant outreach activities in support of its technical work, with project results presented at a wide range of major international conferences. Below you can find our latest annual reports, technical documents, presentations, member case studies, press coverage, and videos. You can also find our 2017 whitepaper on future ICT challenges in scientific research here.

Technical documents

Find the latest technical documents published by members of our collaboration below.

Title Date File
CERN openlab: Engaging industry for innovation in the LHC Run 3-4 R&D programme

LHC Run3 and Run4 represent an unprecedented challenge for HEP computing in terms of both data volume and complexity. New approaches are needed for how data is collected and filtered, processed, moved, stored and analysed if these challenges are to be met with a realistic budget.

Extending an asynchronous messaging library using an RDMA-enabled interconnect

As computing power and I/O performance is increasing at an aggressive rate several RDMA enabled interconnect technologies have been entering the market, promising low latency and high throughput.

1000 things you always want to know about SSO but you never dare to ask 12-10-17
CERN openlab White Paper: Future IT Challenges in Scientific Research

In this white paper, CERN openlab sets out challenges to tackle together through joint R&D projects with our industry collaborators over the coming years.This unique public-private partnership between research and leading ICT companies is ideally placed to tackle these challenges, producing r

Exploring RapidIO Technology Within a DAQ System Event Building Network

RapidIO technology is a packet-switched high-performance fabric, which has been under active development since 1997. The technology is used in all 4G/LTE base stations worldwide.



Find the latest presentations by members of our collaboration below.

Presentation title Relevant event Date File
Multi-Cloud Federated Kubernetes at CERN KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2018 04-05-18
The Anticipated Challenges of Running Biomedical Simulations in the Cloud Early-Career Researchers in Medical Applications 12-02-18
Smart Data Analytics Platform for Science Early-Career Researchers in Medical Applications 12-02-18
Building Secure Rest Architectures With ORDS Tech17 Conference, Birmingham 04-12-17
Extending an asynchronous messaging library using an RDMA-enabled interconnect EMP CSLab 30-10-17

Member case studies

Find all the latest announcements, press releases, blog posts, and videos from our collaborators below.

Title Date File
Gaining New Insights from Data Lakes

A data lab is an incubator for innovation that enables fast experimentation with massive amounts of data. This allows you to discover, manipulate, visualize, and iteratively model data, and explore it for its potential.

Winners Announced! Highly Talented CERN Student Researchers Innovate on HPC, AI & IOT in the Modern Code Developer Challenge

CERN openlab and Intel are pleased to announce the winners of the Intel® Modern Code Developer Challenge! The announcement was made today at ‘SC17’, the International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis, in Denver, Colorado, USA.

How Will CERN Handle Exabytes of High-Energy Physics Data?

CERN, established in 1954, is the world's largest particle physics laboratory. Its aim is to study the fundamental structure of the universe, as well as promote science as a means for peace and train the next generation of physicists and engineers.

Announcing the Intel Modern Code Developer Challenge from CERN openlab

It is always an exciting time when I get to announce a Modern Code Developer Challenge from my friends at Intel, but it is even more special when I get to announce a collaboration with the brilliant minds at CERN.

Brain Development Simulation, 300x Faster

All human beings start their life as a single cell. As this cell divides, daughter cells can move and produce substances. These processes guide future generations of cells into differentiation and tissue formation.