Oracle Management Cloud

Project goal

We are testing Oracle Management Cloud and providing feedback to Oracle. We are assessing the merits and suitability of this technology for applications related to databases at CERN, comparing it with our current on-premises infrastructure.

R&D topic
Data-centre technologies and infrastructures
Project coordinator(s)
Eric Grancher and Eva Dafonte Perez
Team members
Aimilios Tsouvelekakis, Artur Wiecek
Collaborator liaison(s)
Jeff Barber, Simone Indelicato, Vincent Leocorbo, Cristobal Pedregal-Martin


Project background

The group responsible for database services within CERN’s IT department provides specialised monitoring solutions to teams across the laboratory which use database infrastructure. These solutions are used for a range of tools, from servers to applications and databases. Monitoring performance in this manner provides invaluable insights, and is key in helping those responsible for providing services at the laboratory to gain a full picture of what is going on with the infrastructure at all times. To accomplish this monitoring functionality, we use two different monitoring stacks: ElasticSearch for log management and InfluxDB for metrics management. This project is evaluating a unified monitoring solution provided by Oracle; Oracle Management Cloud.

Recent progress

Last year’s evaluation took place in two distinct phases. The first was performed in February and March; this mainly focused on deploying the required components in our infrastructure, using only a subset of our datasets. The second evaluation phase — for which Oracle granted CERN a significant amount of cloud credits — lasted from June to December. During this time, we evaluated three components of the platform: log analytics, infrastructure monitoring, and application performance monitoring.

We used datasets from CERN’s Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) and CERN's Engineering Data Management Service (EDMS) — combining development, test, and production environments — to evaluate each of the three aforementioned components. From this, we were able to generate important graphs for logs and metrics, which — based on experience with our current, on-premises infrastructure — could be a significant boon when it comes to dealing with issues that arise. Based on our evaluation, we were able to provide in-depth feedback and propose possible enhancements that could be useful for other environments like ours.

Next steps

Our primary focus will be on continuing to work with Oracle on the evolution of the platform, based on the detailed feedback provided from our rigorous testing.




    A. Tsouvelekakis, Oracle Management Cloud: A unified monitoring platform (23 January). Presented at CERN openlab Technical Workshop 2019, Geneva, 2019.