Living lab

Project goal

The project will develop a machine-learning platform for large-scale systems biology studies. This will serve as a proof-of-concept for federating heterogeneous data from diverse — and sometimes sensitive — sources. Tools for pseudo-anonymisation, ownership management, monitoring, and reporting will be investigated and integrated into the platform.

R&D topic
Applications in other disciplines
Project coordinator(s)
Alberto Di Meglio
Collaborator liaison(s)
David Manset, Marco Manca


Project background

CERN is a living laboratory, with around 10,000 people coming to work at its main campuses every day. For operational purposes, CERN collects data related to health, safety, the environment, and other aspects of daily life at the lab. Creating a platform to collate and enable intelligent investigation of this data — while respecting privacy and other legal obligations — offers the potential to improve life at the lab.

This project is being carried out in the context of CERN's strategy for knowledge transfer to medical applications, led by CERN's Knowledge Transfer group.

Recent progress

Next steps

More information coming soon.