Infrastructure monitoring and automation of resource deployment

Project goal

By learning from industrial standards and best practices, we’re working to further improve and expand CERN’s infrastructure monitoring and deployment processes for our Java platform.

R&D topic
Data-centre technologies and infrastructures
Project coordinator(s)
Eric Grancher and Eva Dafonte Perez
Team members
Viktor Kozlovszky, Luis Rodríguez Fernández, Artur Wiecek, Scott Hurley
Collaborator liaison(s)
Vincent Leocorbo, Cristobal Pedregal-Martin


Project background

CERN’s IT department is home to a dedicated group responsible for database services, referred to as IT-DB. This group maintains server infrastructures required by departments across the laboratory. In order to successfully maintain these infrastructures, it is important to be constantly aware of our systems’ status. The monitoring infrastructure consists of several components; these collect essential information about the machines and the applications running on them.

The IT-DB group also provides tools and custom Java libraries that play an important role in the processes of teams across the laboratory. It is therefore vital to deliver stable, quality applications that build on industrial standards and best practices.

Recent progress

In 2018, we began evaluation of the commercial Java monitoring tools and features provided by Oracle. We set up a test environment and we managed — through an SSL secured channel — to establish a connection between the commercial monitoring clients and the test application servers. The outcome of our experimental work has been published on our group’s blog (see list of publications/presentations).

At the end of the year, we also started work to update and improve our Java tools by incorporating the latest automated-testing and deployment practices from industry.

Next steps

In terms of monitoring, we will work to evaluate the behaviour tracking (Java “flight recording”) feature of Oracle, comparing it with our existing monitoring solutions, and will use our Kubernetes cluster to evaluate the commercial monitoring features from Oracle. In terms of automation, we will update the remaining Java tools to ensure they can make use of the new automated testing and deployment approaches.




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