Our projects

CERN openlab began its seventh three-year phase at the start of 2021. Information about each of our projects — organised into five R&D topics — can be found below.

CERN openlab recently published a white paper on future ICT challenges in scientific research. This identified 16 key challenge areas divided into five overarching R&D topics.

Applications in other disciplines
Smart platforms for science
Future technologies for medical Linacs (SmartLINAC)
Circular Health
CERN Living Lab 
Early detection of Parkinson's disease
SmartANOMALY Spikefall
Humanitarian AI applications for satellite imagery
CERN Science for Open Data
Data-centre technologies and infrastructures
Developing a ticket reservation system for the CERN Open Days 2019
Oracle Management Cloud
EOS productisation
Heterogeneous I/O for Scale
Kubernetes and Google Cloud
Dynamical Exascale Entry Platform – Extreme Scale Technologies (DEEP-EST)
Hybrid disaster-recovery solution using public cloud
Oracle WebLogic on Kubernetes
Quantum technologies
Possible projects in quantum computing
Quantum machine learning for supersymmetry searches
Quantum optimisation for grid computing
Quantum computing for simulation: investigating quantum generative adversarial networks and quantum random number generators
Quantum support vector machines for Higgs boson classification
Quantum graph neural networks
Machine learning and data analytics
Evaluation of Power CPU architecture for deep learning
Data analytics in the cloud
Oracle Cloud technologies for data analytics on industrial control systems
Data analytics for industrial controls and monitoring
Next Generation Archiver for WinCC OA
TPUs for deep learning
Exploring accelerated machine learning for experiment data analytics
Fast detector simulation
Computing performance and software
High-performance distributed caching technologies
Testbed for GPU-accelerated applications
High-performance distributed caching technologies (DAQDB)