CERN openlab summer student programme helping jumpstart future careers

sum stud 2023

Over 20 joint R&D projects are being carried out at CERN through CERN openlab’s collaboration with leading technology companies – including IBM, Intel, Oracle, Siemens, Micron, and Google. They sponsor a nine-week summer-student programme to motivate young and bright minds to join the research community and get hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies.

The summer-student programme gives students the opportunity to work with leading experts, establish ties to industry and gain new skills.”Through CERN openlab, young students have the opportunity to work with both researchers and the private sector and prepare for auspicious future careers,” says Maria Girone, head of the CERN openlab.

Out of 1880 candidates, 30 students were chosen to work on quantum computing, machine learning, and other ICT projects. Last week, students presented brief overviews of their projects in a series of five-minute “lightning talks” explaining the challenges, problems and solutions they found along the way.

Education and training are fundamental to the CERN openlab mission, which promotes open science and encourages innovation and creative thinking. “I hope this opportunity was as rewarding for all of our students as it was for us, and that some of the projects they have been working on will lead to innovative, and even disruptive, outcomes,” says Alberto Di Meglio, head of IT Innovation.

Applications for the 2024 CERN openlab Summer Student programme will open in November. 

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