CERN openlab Summer Student 2023 information page

Submitted by noble on Thu, 03/16/2023 - 20:53

Welcome to the CERN openlab Summer Student information and registration page!


This is the page where you will be able to find useful information to make your stay as easy and joyful as possible. Please take a moment to read it as it contains a lot of useful information.

It is important that  you fill out the registration carefully, making sure that you spell your name as it is written in your passport. 

The information given will be used to issue invitation letters for visa and pre-paid cards for your subsistence. Full information on how we use your personal data can be found in the menu of the information page.

It is upon you to check whether you need a visa or not and ask for this when you register.

Please note that we will try to meet your room requests, but some types of rooms might be booked very quickly. Only students with the same gender will share apartments and bedrooms. Signing up for the apartment means that we expect you to stay in it throughout the duration of your contract. If you decide to move out.

Travel to and from Geneva must be booked and paid by yourself. You will receive a flat rate travel allowance with your last subsistence based on your home station (it typically covers the cost of an economy return ticket).

Your first subsistence will be paid to you during your first contractual week.

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