Artificial intelligence: the only way is ethics

Vivek Nallur, assistant professor at University College Dublin, discussed aspects such as implicit bias during his talk at CERN

CERN has an ambitious upgrade programme for its flagship accelerator complex over the next two decades. This is vital to continue pushing back the frontiers of knowledge in fundamental physics, but it also poses some gargantuan computing challenges.

CERN openlab summer-student programme closes with lightning talks

Forty students were selected from over 1600 applicants for this year’s CERN openlab summer-student programme. On 13 and 15 August, they presented the projects they have been working on over the past two months in a series of five-minute “lighting talks”.

Through these projects, the students have been working hands-on with a range of cutting-edge computing technologies, including machine learning, data analytics, neuromorphic computing and much more.

Tackling Computing Challenges @CERN

Maria Girone discusses the current challenges of capturing, storing, and processing the large volumes of data generated by the Large Hadron Collider experiments. She also discusses their ongoing research program at CERN Open Lab to explore alternative approaches, including the use of commercial clouds as well as alternative computing architectures, advanced data analytics, and deep learning.

Oracle déploie un nouveau datacenter pour son Cloud de Nouvelle Génération à Zurich

Oracle annonce l’ouverture d’un nouvel espace pour son Cloud de Nouvelle Génération ce mois-ci dans la région de Zurich afin de fournir aux entreprises suisses et aux organisations internationales les services les plus avancés en matière d’infrastructures et de données pour le cloud.

Oracle eröffnet Cloud-Rechenzentrum der nächsten Generation in Zürich

Zürich – Im Zuge der weltweit wachsenden Kundennachfrage gab Oracle heute bekannt, dass im August 2019 ein neues Rechenzentrum in Zürich eröffnet werden soll, das schweizerische Unternehmen und internationale Organisationen mit modernsten CloudInfrastruktur- und Datenbankservices versorgen wird.

Intelligence and Ethics in Machines – Utopia or Dystopia?

The contemplation of intelligence and/or agency among machines, in popular discourse, seems to settle on a future technological dystopia or conversely, a machine-led utopia. While the media creates these dichotomous futures, there needs to be a deeper discussion on how intelligence, agency, and ethics in machines will affect society.

Speaker: Vivek Nallur, University College Dublin

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Accessibility projects stand out at Webfest 2019

The seventh edition of the CERN Summer Student Webfest took place from 26 to 28 July. The Webfest is an annual hackathon at CERN, where bright and creative minds meet over a weekend to work on science and technology projects, making use of open web technologies. They work in small teams, focusing on specific ideas to design exciting web and mobile applications that help people engage with CERN, the LHC, physics, or science in general.

How Israel Innovation Authority and CERN are infusing Israeli innovation ecosystem with

The Knowledge Transfer group at CERN has initiated a pilot programme in collaboration with the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA). The purpose of the programme is to explore how cutting-edge Israeli companies and institutes can embrace specific CERN technology and know-how to fuel their innovation and help drive positive impacts for society.