CERN-GÉANT-PRACE-SKAO kick-off workshop on High Performance Computing

As a follow-up on the collaboration agreement that was signed on 22th July:, the kick-off workshop will take place online on 29th September from 09:30 to 20:35 (CEST):

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Quantum Computing with Dr Federico Carminati

Last week the Widdershins Podcast had a conversation with Dr Federico Carminati - the chief innovation officer at CERN openlab. Dr Carminati is investigating potential applications of machine learning and quantum computing for high-energy physics.

The talk was held about the increasing need for stable quantum computing and the race to discover the elusive algorithm that will inevitably launch quantum computers into the mainstream market. 

CERN openlab publishes bumper annual report — covering 25 cutting-edge R&D projects

CERN openlab is pleased to announce that its latest annual report has been published today.

CERN openlab annual report 2019

Annual report covering CERN openlab's activities in 2019.

Roman Bauer, Fons Rademakers

Project coordinator

Fernando Varela Rodriguez

Project coordinator

The Mechanical Ventilator Milano (MVM), a novel ventilator for the COVID-19 pandemic

The Mechanical Ventilator Milano (MVM) is a novel mechanical ventilator designed for rapid mass production in response to the Covid pandemic to address the shortage of intensive care ventilators in many countries, and the difficulty in procuring these devices through normal supply chains across borders.

MVM is optimized for the COVID-19 emergency, thanks to the collaboration with medical doctors in the front line. MVM is designed for large-scale production in a short amount of time and at a limited cost.

Join the seminar to learn more about MVM.

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