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Title Date
CERN openlab R&D cooperation with Siemens 17-03-22
Use Low-Precision Optimizations for High-Performance Deep-Learning Inference Applications 01-03-22
Benchmarking in HPC 11-03-21
Exploitation of HPC Resources for data intensive sciences 21-05-21
Quantum Machine Learning in High Energy Physics 13-01-21
Learning versus Understanding: “is AI a Definitive Game Changer in Science?” 06-07-21
QUOG-DP | Quantum optimisation of LHC computing grid data placement 03-07-19
Lukas Heinrich & Ricardo Rocha, CERN | KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU 2019 21-05-19
CERN Uses Kubernetes to Reduce WebLogic Deployment Time 14-01-19
CERN Explores Benefits of Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 06-12-18
How Ai is helping Scientists with the Large Hadron Collider 15-11-18
Accelerating Growth in the Cloud: Mark Hurd Keynote at Oracle OpenWorld 2018 23-10-18
Oracle & CERN openlab @ HackZurich 2018 30-10-18
Oracle Helps CERN Use Big Data to Explore the Universe 10-08-18
Moving from CellsV1 to CellsV2 at CERN 10-07-18
Containers on Baremetal and Preemptible VMs at CERN and SKA 07-10-18
Keynote: CERN Experiences with Multi-Cloud Federated Kubernetes - Ricardo Rocha 04-05-18
Spyro Trigazis talks about Magnum, and the CERN OpenLab project 30-04-18
CERN's Maria Girone outlines computing challenges at the Large Hadron Collider LHC 12-02-18
CERN Uses Oracle Cloud to Support the LHC Research Program 06-12-17
Spotlight on CERN Alumni - Meet Grace C. Young 25-10-17
IoT at the LHC: Integrating ‘internet-of-things’ devices into the control systems for the Large Hadron Collider 25-10-17
Smash-simulation software: Teaching algorithms to be faster at simulating particle-collision events 25-10-17
An embeded video 07-02-18
A colorful video 07-02-18