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CERN openlab undertakes significant outreach activities in support of its technical work, with project results presented at a wide range of major international conferences. Below you can find our latest annual reports, technical documents, presentations, member case studies, press coverage, and videos. You can also find our 2017 whitepaper on future ICT challenges in scientific research here.

Technical documents

Find the latest technical documents published by members of our collaboration below.

Title Date File
A New Platform for Large-Scale Biological Simulation

Computer simulations have become a very powerful tool for scientific research. In order to facilitate research in computational biology, the BioDynaMo project aims at a general platform for biological computer simulations, which should be executable on hybrid cloud computing systems.

From Physics to industry: EOS outside HEP

In the competitive market for large-scale storage solutions the current main disk storage system at CERN EOS has been showing its excellence in the multi-Petabyte high-concurrency regime.

Exploring RapidIO Technology within a DAQ System Event Building Network

Exploring RapidIO RapidIO (http://rapidio.org/) technology is a packet-switched high-performance fabric, which has been under active development since 1997. The technology is used in all 4G/LTE basestations worldwide.

RapidIO as a multi-purpose interconnect

RapidIO (http://rapidio.org/) technology is a packet-switched high-performance fabric, which has been under active development since 1997. Originally meant to be a front side bus, it developed into a system level interconnect which is today used in all 4G/LTE base stations world wide.

A Deep Learning tool for fast detector simulation

Machine Learning techniques have been used in different applications by the HEP community: in this talk, we discuss the case of detector simulation.



Find the latest presentations by members of our collaboration below.

Presentation title Relevant event Date File
BioDynaMo: Biological simulation in the cloud CERN IT Technical Forum 10-08-18
Containers on Baremetal And Preemptible Servers at CERN and SKA OpenStack summit 10-07-18
Moving from CellsV1 to CellsV2 at CERN OpenStack summit in Vancouver 10-07-18
Maria Girone ISC keynote ISC 2018 25-06-18
Multi-Cloud Federated Kubernetes at CERN KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2018 04-05-18

Member case studies

Find all the latest announcements, press releases, blog posts, and videos from our collaborators below.

Title Date File
World’s Only Autonomous Database Delivers Unrivaled Capabilities

Press release with brief mention of CERN as one of the organisations that will be featured at OOW '18.

Samara University teams up with the European Organization for Nuclear Research through CERN openlab

The university becomes from the first of October a Research member of CERN openlab. The European Organization for Nuclear Research, known as CERN was founded in 1954 in Switzerland; it is home to the world’s largest and most powerful scientific instruments and particle accelerators.

E4 Computer Engineering joins CERN openlab, advancing the development of key projects on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

E4 Computer Engineering, the Italian company leader in HPC, AI and storage solutions, announces today that it has joined CERN openlab, a public-private partnership between CERN and leading ICT companies.

CERN i Oracle rozszerzają współpracę badawczo-rozwojową

Europejska Organizacja Badań Jądrowych CERN przedłużyła współpracę z Oracle na kolejne trzy lata.

Plenty of Opportunities to do your Research

Overview of upcoming events, with brief mention of the fact that CERN will be represented at Oracle OpenWorld.