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CERN openlab undertakes significant outreach activities in support of its technical work, with project results presented at a wide range of major international conferences. Below you can find our latest annual reports, technical documents, presentations, member case studies, press coverage, and videos. You can also find our 2017 whitepaper on future ICT challenges in scientific research here.

Technical documents

Find the latest technical documents published by members of our collaboration below.

Title Date File
Graph Neural Network Inference on FPGA

Graph Neural Network possess prospect in track reconstruction for the Large Hadron Collider use-case due to high dimensional and sparse data.

Summer-student report: Automation Tools for Invenio

Invenio is an open source framework, initially developed at CERN, but with many external users and contributors at this moment and prospects of growing even more in the future. Its nature as a digital

Summer-student report: Neuromorphic Computing in High Energy Physics

At particle colliders, more data are produced than what the experiments can store for further analysis.  This is why the incoming collisions are processed in real time by a so-called trigger system. At the 


With the pervasiveness of high-speed computers and processors, computer companies are  looking for new technologies to incorporate into their products and use as a competitive advantage  in the market. Two modern and rapidly growing techniques are quantum computing and the use 

Summer-student report: Performance monitoring using intel performance counters for HEP applications

The HPC service at CERN provides linux batch infrastructure to run high performance computing  applications that require MPI clusters.The HPC cluster  is therefore dedicated to run MPI programs. 



Find the latest presentations by members of our collaboration below.

Presentation title Relevant event Date File
Introduction to CERN openlab for 2019 CERN Open Days (French version) 2019 CERN Open Days 01-10-19
Introduction to CERN openlab for 2019 CERN Open Days (English version) 2019 CERN Open Days 01-10-19
Quantum Computing for High Energy Physics Applications PhD Course PhD Course on Quantum Computing 2018, University of Pavia 07-03-19
BioDynaMo: Biological simulation in the cloud CERN IT Technical Forum 10-08-18
Moving from CellsV1 to CellsV2 at CERN OpenStack summit in Vancouver 10-07-18

Member case studies

Find all the latest announcements, press releases, blog posts, and videos from our collaborators below.

Title Date File
How Intel Is Helping CERN to Unlock the Biggest Mysteries in Science

Intel® technology will help to filter ever-increasing amounts of data from the famous Large Hadron Collider.

Computer simulation for understanding brain cancer growth

The growth of brain cancers can be better understood with the help of a new computer simulation by international scientists co-ordinated by Newcastle University.

Samara University’s first project with CERN OpenLab

CERN OpenLab is a public-private partnership, through which CERN collaborates with leading ICT companies and other research organizations.

Oracle Cloud helps CERN explore our universe

CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics, uses Oracle Autonomous Database to support the control systems for the Large Hadron Collider, the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator.

Oracle déploie un nouveau datacenter pour son Cloud de Nouvelle Génération à Zurich

La Poste, Expersoft Systems, Orange Business Services et bien d’autres clients saluent la mise en place de la plate-forme cloud la plus avancée de Suisse, pour continuer à innover et accélérer leur croissance.