Oracle Management Cloud

Project goal

We are testing Oracle Management Cloud (OMC) and providing feedback to Oracle, including proposals for the evolution of the platform. We are assessing the merits and suitability of this technology for applications related to databases at CERN, comparing it with our current on-premises infrastructure.

R&D topic
Data-centre technologies and infrastructures
Project coordinator(s)
Eva Dafonte Perez, Eric Grancher
Team members
Aimilios Tsouvelekakis
Collaborator liaison(s)
Simone Indelicato, Vincent Leocorbo, Cristobal Pedregal-Martin, David Ebert, Dmitrij Dolgušin


Project background

The group responsible for database services within CERN’s IT department uses and provides specialised monitoring solutions to teams across the laboratory that use database infrastructure. Since the beginning of 2018, we have an agreement in place with Oracle to test OMC, which offers a wide variety of monitoring solutions.

At CERN, as at other large organisations, it is very important to be able to monitor at all times what is happening with systems and applications running both locally and in the cloud. Thus, we conducted tests of OMC involving hosts, application servers, databases, and Java applications

Recent progress

Improvements proposed to Oracle during the previous year were implemented within new releases of the platform in 2019. Initial investigation shows that the platform has been enhanced with features covering most of our needs.

Furthermore, we deployed the registration application for the CERN Open Days in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (see project ‘Developing a ticket reservation system for the CERN Open Days 2019’ for further details). The application made use of the Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) database to store visitor information. The behaviour of the ATP database was monitored using OMC, providing meaningful insights into the stresses put on the database and the database-hosting system during the period in which registration for the event was open.

Next steps

The next step for OMC is to use it as a monitoring platform for all the projects that are to be deployed in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


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