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WINNER SHOWCASE 15 Dec 2015 GRAND PRIZE WINNER An internship at CERN openlab Mathieu Gravey Photo2 Mathieu Gravey, Alès School of Engineering, France The Grand Prize is awarded to the student with the fastest confirmed o Intel
Rackspace and CERN collaborate in the cloud to help humankind answer some really big questions. 15 Dec 2015 Research into matter and the origins of the universe needs the brain power of many thousands of researchers and physicists. Rackspace
IDT and CERN openlab Engineer Low-Latency RapidIO Platform to Speed and Improve Analytics at Large Hadron Collider and Data Center 15 Dec 2015 SAN JOSE, Calif., Dec. 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Integrated Device Technology, Inc. IDT
From Gigabytes to Petabytes: Managing a Tremendous Amount of Data 4 Dec 2015 With the explosion of social media, the IoT and high resolution image files and videos, the world is storing more data than ever before. Comtrade
Interview with Mathieu Gravey, Grand Prize Winner of the Intel® Modern Code Developer Challenge 3 Dec 2015 Mathieu Gravey discusses his participation in the Intel® Modern Code Developer Challenge and excitement at winning the Grand Prize of an internship at CERN openlab. Intel
Using Modern Code to Simulate Brain Development: Interview with Roman Bauer, Research Associate at Newcastle University 3 Dec 2015 Roman Bauer discusses using computer modeling to simulate brain development in his research for finding a cure for neurological disorders, such as epilepsy, schizophrenia, and autism. Intel
Top Things Developers will Experience at Intel HPC Developer Conference 25 Nov 2015 In just a matter of days (November 14 and 15 to be precise) Intel will host its annual Intel® HPC Developer Conference for the builders and creators that hold high performance computing near and dear Intel
La France et l’Europe Mises à l’Honneur à Travers les Résultats du concours Intel® Modern Code Developer 20 Nov 2015 Organisé ces derniers mois en collaboration avec le CERN openlab, le concours Intel® Modern Code Developer vient de dévoiler ses résultats, au terme d’une forte participation qui a compté quelques 17 Intel
Bringing the Power of HPC Mainstream 16 Nov 2015 Nov. Intel
Fact Sheet: Bringing the Power of HPC Mainstream 16 Nov 2015 Nov. Intel