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Intel, as a CERN openlab Partner, Congratulates CERN and the LHC community for the Progress on the Higgs Boson Particle

Geneva, Switzerland, July 4, 2012 – Intel Corporation congratulates CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, and the LHC community on the progress on the Higgs boson search. Intel is proud to partner with CERN through joint research to accelerate the development of innovative solutions used by the worldwide LHC community and hence to participate in the quest for the most coveted physics particle – the Higgs boson.

“The CERN team, which unites some of the most authoritative thinkers and physicists worldwide, always impresses us with its research,” said Christian Morales Intel Vice President and General Manager, Europe, Middle East and Africa. “Intel is proud to be a technology partner with leading edge products and technologies to support the research around Higgs boson and look forward to working with CERN on unlocking even more mysteries of the universe.”

Intel has been a major contributor to CERN openlab since 2003 and has been working with the researchers by participating in joint research and providing access to pioneering hardware and software technology to help them better understand the impact of massive amounts of data in a real world grid environment.

“CERN openlab is an amazing test environment where both scientific discoveries and technological innovation can be strongly validated,” said Stephen Pawlowski, Intel Senior Fellow, Chief Technology Officer, Datacenter and Connected  System Group and GM Intel Architecture Group. “We are proud to be a member of CERN openlab, which is an important partner of the Intel Labs Europe Network, and this collaboration strengthens Intel’s commitment to European R&D.”



  • Intel is a key technology partner supporting CERN in processing and distributing the massive data coming from the Higgs boson search.
  • CERN openlab is an important partner of the Intel Labs Europe Network demonstrating Intel’s commitment to R&D in Europe.


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