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07/02/2013 CERN与华为合作 云存储持续助力强子对撞机实验


06/02/2013 The Next Generation of Scientific Computing

“IT today is woven into the fabric of science and business; it’s an integral part of research, engineering and enterprise,” says Herbert Cornelius of Intel.

06/02/2013 Yandex to expand its technological horizons

Internet giant Yandex has become the first Russian company to get access to the vast databases of the influential Swiss European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN).

01/02/2013 Huawei finds favor at CERN: researchers sign up for more UDS cloud storage

Huawei has become an official partner of CERN openlab, with the physics research facility giving the thumbs-up to the Chinese firm’s exascale-targeting, mass object-based storage infrastructure.

01/02/2013 Huawei To Offer Cloud Storage To CERN

Huawei has been working for over a year, providing cloud storage, with CERN. The Chinese company has now become an official partner of the CERN openlab. The CERN openlab alone handles almost 25 petabytes of physics data every year. Being an official partner, Huawei will now collaborate with CERN for at least three more years.

31/01/2013 CERN boosts its search for antimatter with Yandex’s MatrixNet search engine tech

Russian search giant Yandex is formalizing its partnership with CERN by joining its openlab program.

31/01/2013 Yandex: Suche spart Messungen im CERN

Yandex ist eine russische Suchmaschine, die "Maschinenlernen" nutzt. (Video in English)

26/11/2012 Big data vital for Large Hadron Collider project: CTO

When you’re trying to learn more about the universe with the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), which generated 30 terabytes of data this year, using big data technology is vital for information analysis, says CTO Sverre Jarp.

22/11/2012 Research@Intel Europe 2012: будущее индустрии в проектах Intel

В Барселоне Intel провела два мероприятия, посвященные развитию исследований, разработок и инноваций в Европе. Компания рассказала о своем видении будущего и показала некоторые перспективные проекты

29/10/2012 Revolutie nodig voor exascale computing

Big Data heeft Big Power nodig. De huidige computerkracht en opslagcapaciteit zijn daarvoor niet toereikend. Processorarchitectuur moet helemaal op de schop om exaflops een realiteit te maken.