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01/07/2013 CERN, Rackspace Collaborate on Hybrid Cloud

CERN has entered an agreement with cloud provider Rackspace to develop a hybrid cloud based on OpenStack. The agreement falls under the auspices of CERN's openlab, a joint public/private partnership that gives CERN a chance to get its hands on new technology, while vendors get feedback on products used in the IT infrastructure that supports CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Other openlab partners include HP, Huawei and Intel.

01/07/2013 Rackspace, CERN partner on OpenStack projects

The womb of the web to scale up to 15,000 hypervisors someday.

01/07/2013 Big Bang with Hybrid Cloud at CERN

OpenStack Founder Rackspace Joins CERN openlab as a Contributor - See more at:

01/07/2013 Rackspace (RAX +2.1%) lands another big OpenStack customer: major European research organization

Rackspace (RAX +2.1%) lands another big OpenStack customer: major European research organization CERN will rely on Rackspace to create an OpenStack-based hybrid cloud.

01/07/2013 Rackspace and CERN openlab Collaborate to Deliver “Big Bang” with Hybrid Cloud

SAN ANTONIO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Rackspace® Hosting (NYSE: RAX), the open cloud company, today announced it has entered into a contributor agreement with CERN openlab.

01/07/2013 Rackspace joins Cern openlab to develop federated clouds for LHC research

European physics laboratory Cern is working with Rackspace on a project to link together multiple clouds used by the site along with other research centres and public cloud computing resources, in order to provide scientists with the compute power to research data from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

01/07/2013 CERN planning OpenStack hybrid cloud strategy with Rackspace

CERN openlab is running a pilot hybrid cloud project with Rackspace as the research facility seeks to enable the expansion of its OpenStack environment.

01/07/2013 Rackspace and CERN collaborate on massive OpenStack hybrid cloud

CERN openlab is working with Rackspace to build and deploy a massive hybrid cloud that could prove OpenStack’s worth in huge research applications.

01/07/2013 Rackspace Cloud to Power Particle-Smashing Physics at CERN

Through a brand-new yearlong agreement, the Rackspace Private Cloud platform will now be deployed onto servers that CERN uses for production physics experiments. "The easier CERN can tap into multiple cloud resource pools without significant retooling, the more data they can process and the faster they can prove theories," said Chris Jackson, Rackspace manager for big cloud solutions. - See more at:

01/07/2013 CERN signs up Rackspace for hybrid cloud collaboration

Mixed approach will further scientific research, organisations claim