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11/07/2017 CERN Openlab Summer Student Programme 2018

CERN Openlab Summer Student Programme 2018 notification, Eligibility Criteria, Selection Process and apply online at CERN Openlab Summer Student Programme 2018 is an upcoming research program for science and engineering students. Every year, CERN Openlab organizes Internship Program for undergraduate and graduate students. It is a good opportunity to the students who wish to learn some research work in summer break. CERN Openlab wants to give practical work experience to students who join Summer Internship Programme 2018.

10/07/2017 Big-bang project sparks cosmic response

Read more about grid computing Scientists in Switzerland are building a machine to test the big-bang theory of how the universe began. But first they have to construct a computer network that can handle the volumes of data the device will produce.

03/07/2017 Modular Supercomputer enters next round

For smartphones and laptops, it has long been more than simply computing power that counts: cameras, network interfaces, and GPS are just as important. A similar trend can be seen in the field of high-performance computing (HPC). In addition to compute-intensive simulations – the traditional tasks undertaken in scientific computing centres – new applications such as big data analytics and sophisticated visualizations are gaining importance – but current supercomputer architectures cannot handle these tasks efficiently.

24/06/2017 Eva Dafonte Pérez: "The LHC last year stored more than 250 years of movies in high definition"

Es mujer, informática, subdirectora del grupo de Bases de Datos...
Esto es poco habitual y es una oportunidad enorme que estoy aprovechando y disfrutando al máximo. Hay pocas mujeres en el campo de la informática y menos aún en puestos de dirección. 

19/06/2017 CERN openlab summer students arrive at CERN

Today, the first students participating in the 2017 CERN openlab Summer Student Programme have arrived at CERN. In total, 37 students were selected from over 1500 applicants to the programme. The remaining students will arrive over the next two weeks.

15/06/2017 MTN Foundation And Oracle To Equip Nigerian Students With Exclusive ICT Skills

MTN Foundation just partnered with Oracle to kick off the second phase of its collaboration plan to empower up to 2,000 MTNF scholars in the areas of Java Fundamental and Oracle Database trainings.

12/06/2017 Training tomorrow’s ICT specialists: students return to CERN

Next week, the first 2017 CERN openlab summer students will arrive at the laboratory. For the 37 students selected, a summer of enriching work — with fascinating lectures, exciting trips, and hands-on experience with the latest ICT hardware and software — awaits.

09/06/2017 A Recipe For The Dream Career: In conversation With Jayesh Mahapatra

The quintessential computer geek and a machine learning enthusiast as he likes being called, Jayesh Mahapatra pursued his Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering at VSSUT. A student of the Class of 2017, he is an inspiration to all given the esteemed foreign internship he bagged at CERN in the summer of 2016, and his high GRE scores as well as his plans for MS, abroad.

Excited to announce that I’ve accepted a research position this summer at NASA’s Frontier Development Lab in Mountain View, CA. I’ll be working alongside other scientists and engineers for eight weeks in an intensive research accelerator focused on artificial intelligence.
“Hosted by the SETI Institute and NASA Ames and supported by leaders in AI from the private sector, such as IBM, Nvidia, Autodesk and Miso Technologies, FDL brings together teams of experts in the physical sciences and specialists in data science and machine learning for an intense 8-week concentrated study on topics important to NASA – and to humanity’s future. The format encourages rapid iteration and prototyping to create outputs with meaningful application, papers and conference posters.”
My cohort’s particular focus is 3D shape modeling of near-earth objects, a topic closely related to my thesis on underwater 3D shape modeling.
18/05/2017 Students selected for 2017 CERN openlab Summer Student Programme

We would like to thank each of the 1580 students who applied to the CERN openlab Summer Student Programme. This year, 37 students have been selected from 22 different countries.