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Annual Report #14 22 Mar 2017

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Winners Announced! Highly Talented CERN Student Researchers Innovate on HPC, AI & IOT in the Modern Code Developer Challenge 15 Nov 2017 CERN openlab and Intel are pleased to announce the winners of the Intel® Modern Code Developer Challenge! Intel

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17/01/2018 HiPEAC blog: 'My family has traditionally practised law, and I have continued that tradition by studying the laws of the universe' - Maria Girone, CERN openlab

Experiments undertaken at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, generate vertiginous amounts of data. At the HiPEAC conference in January 2018, CERN openlab Chief Technology Officer Maria Girone will give a keynote talk on the computing challenges behind this incredible tool for scientific research. In this interview, Maria sets out some of these challenges and gives us a glimpse into the future of high-energy physics research at CERN.