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CERN openlab results are disseminated in a wide range of international conferences. The presentations and reports are regularly updated (RSS feeds available at the bottom of the page).

Date published Author(s) Type
09/05/2016 Silicon Photonic Components for Optical Data Links in High Energy Physics Experiments M. Zeiler Technical document
09/05/2016 Data Acquisition at CERN: A Future Challenge M. Zeiler Technical document
29/03/2016 CERN-IT evaluation of Microsoft Azure cloud IaaS D. Giordano, C. Cordeiro, A. Di Girolamo, L. Field, H. Riahi, J. Schovancova, A. Valassi, L. Villazon Technical document
HEPiX 2016
Date published Author(s) Type
20/04/2016 Storage at CERN: towards the Chamäleon X. Espinal Curull Presentation
Trends in HPC and Data Center Power, Packaging, and Cooling
Date published Author(s) Type
18/04/2016 Trends in HPC and Data Center Power, Packaging, and Cooling M. K. Patterson Presentation
ALICE, ATLAS, CMS & LHCb Second Joint Workshop on DAQ@LHC
Date published Author(s) Type
14/04/2016 LHCb R&D with the CPU - FPGA combination C. Färber Presentation
13/04/2016 CERN/IT EOS evolution X. Espinal Curull Presentation
Containers and Orchestration in the CERN Cloud, CERN
Date published Author(s) Type
08/04/2016 Containers and Orchestration in the CERN Cloud R. Rocha, M. Velten, B. Noel Presentation
ALICE Offline week
Date published Author(s) Type
01/04/2016 New libfabric based transport for nanomsg I. Charalampidis Presentation
Soleil Synchrotron Visit
Date published Author(s) Type
22/03/2016 CERN Computing Infrastructure T. Bell Presentation