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CERN openlab results are disseminated in a wide range of international conferences. The presentations and reports are regularly updated (RSS feeds available at the bottom of the page).

7th LHCb Computing Workshop
Date published Author(s) Type
02/06/2016 Cherenkov angle reconstruction with FPGA compute accelerators C. Färber Presentation
02/06/2016 Experiments with multi-threaded velopix track reconstruction O. Awile, P. Szostek Presentation
Date published Author(s) Type
09/05/2016 Silicon Photonic Components for Optical Data Links in High Energy Physics Experiments M. Zeiler Technical document
09/05/2016 Data Acquisition at CERN: A Future Challenge M. Zeiler Technical document
HEPiX 2016
Date published Author(s) Type
20/04/2016 Storage at CERN: towards the Chamäleon X. Espinal Curull Presentation
Trends in HPC and Data Center Power, Packaging, and Cooling
Date published Author(s) Type
18/04/2016 Trends in HPC and Data Center Power, Packaging, and Cooling M. K. Patterson Presentation
ALICE, ATLAS, CMS & LHCb Second Joint Workshop on DAQ@LHC
Date published Author(s) Type
14/04/2016 LHCb R&D with the CPU - FPGA combination C. Färber Presentation
13/04/2016 CERN/IT EOS evolution X. Espinal Curull Presentation
Containers and Orchestration in the CERN Cloud, CERN
Date published Author(s) Type
08/04/2016 Containers and Orchestration in the CERN Cloud R. Rocha, M. Velten, B. Noel Presentation
ALICE Offline week
Date published Author(s) Type
01/04/2016 New libfabric based transport for nanomsg I. Charalampidis Presentation