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CERN openlab results are disseminated in a wide range of international conferences. The presentations and reports are regularly updated (RSS feeds available at the bottom of the page).

10th SHiP Collaboration Meeting, Berlin
Date published Author(s) Type
09/02/2017 CERN openlab Researched Technologies That Might Become Game Changers in Software Development F. Rademakers Presentation
Fosdem, Brussels
Date published Author(s) Type
04/02/2017 OpenStack Magnum @ CERN Scaling Container Clusters to thousand of nodes S. Trigazis Presentation
PMAM'17 Proceedings of the 8th International Workshop on Programming Models and Applications for Multicores and Manycores
Date published Author(s) Type
04/02/2017 A high-performance portable abstract interface for explicit SIMD vectorization P. Karpinski, J. McDonald Technical document
CentOS Dojo, Brussels
Date published Author(s) Type
04/02/2017 OpenStack @ CERN: Status update S. Trigazis Presentation
Date published Author(s) Type
19/12/2016 Deep Learning on Imaging Calorimetry J. Mahapatra Technical document
19/12/2016 Consolidation and Performance measurements of ROOT Multiproc Core A.C. Chelba Technical document
16/12/2016 Automating WLCG Job Accounting Validation D. Christidis Technical document
16/12/2016 Data Quality Monitoring at CMS with Machine Learning A. Aghabayli Technical document
Journal of Instrumentation
Date published Author(s) Type
01/12/2016 A system-level model for high-speed,radiation-hard optical links in HEP experiments based on silicon Mach-Zender modulators M. Zeiler, S. Detraz, L. Olantera, C. Sigaud, C. Soos, J. Troska, F. Vasey Technical document
IT-ST Group
Date published Author(s) Type
18/11/2016 IT-ST: The Storage group A. Pace , A. J. Peters , J. Leduc , X. Espinal Curull Presentation