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Technical Documents

Date published Document type Title Author(s) pdf
22/05/2014 White paper CERN openlab Whitepaper on Future IT Challenges in Scientific Research A. Di Meglio, M. Gaillard, A. Purcell
07/05/2014 Poster Big Data in action for the LHC Industrial Control System F. Tilaro, A. Voitier, M. Gonzalez Berges
07/05/2014 Poster ViSION: SDN Traffic Orchestrator for Resource Scale-out D. Savu, S. Stancu
07/05/2014 Poster Many-core Processors in High Energy Physics P. Karpiński, A. Santogidis
07/05/2014 Poster Huawei Cloud Storage S. Heikkila, M. Arsuaga Rios
07/05/2014 Poster Replication Technologies: Oracle | GoldenGate L. Lobato Pardavila
07/05/2014 Poster The CERN openlab Educational Program A. Nowak
07/05/2014 Poster How can HEP Applications benefit from Vectorization? G. Bitzes
07/05/2014 Poster High Core Count and Low Power Systems Evaluation P. Szostek, A. Nowak, G. Bitzes
18/10/2013 Poster An SQL-Based approach to Physics Analysis M. Limper
14/10/2013 Conference paper Evaluation of the Huawei UDS Cloud Storage System for CERN Specific Data M. Zotes Resines, S. S. Heikkila, D. Duellmann, G. Adde, R. Toebbicke, J. Hughes, L. Wang
01/09/2013 Summer student report Integration of Network Performance Monitoring Data at FTS3 R. R. Ballesteros
01/09/2013 Summer student report Advanced Visualizations Tools for CERN Institutional Data A. R. Peón
01/09/2013 Summer student report The Implementation of OpenStack Cinder and Integration with NetApp and Ceph G. McGilvary
01/09/2013 Summer student report Electronic Ticket and Check-in System for Indico Conferences B. Kolobara
01/09/2013 Summer student report CERN Storage Systems for Large-scale Wireless A. Azzarà
01/09/2013 Summer student report MatrixNet: Using a new Multivariate Technique in High Energy Physics V. Doneva
01/09/2013 Summer student report Performance Improvements for the ATLAS Detector Simulation Framework Y. Almalioglu
01/09/2013 Summer student report Linux Firewall State Synchronization U. Agrawal
01/09/2013 Summer student report Evaluation of Common Interfaces in a Multi-supplier Cloud Environment for Helix Nebula A. Tsikiridis