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Technical Documents

Date published Document type Title Author(s) pdf
01/09/2015 Summer student report Continuous Integrated Testing of Oracle Databases on CERN Agile Infrastructure M. Akuruyejo
01/09/2015 Summer student report Evaluation and Implementation of SQRL and U2F as 2nd Factor Authenticators for CERN Single Sign-On A. Nadeem
01/09/2015 Summer student report Integration of Key-Value Database in the Parameter Management System of the ALFA Framework T. Van Steenkiste
01/09/2015 Summer student report Evaluation of Apache Spark as Analytics as framework for CERN's Big Data Analytics S. Ganju
01/09/2015 Summer student report Intelligent Workload Management across Database Replicas R. Nevatia
01/09/2015 Summer student report Evaluating the Performance of Seagate Kinetic Drive Technology and its Integration into the CERN EOS Storage System I. Pejeva
01/09/2015 Summer student report Kalman Filter Improves Using GPGPU and Autovectorization for Online LHCb Triggers J. A. Mena
01/09/2015 Summer student report Source Code Review Using Static Analysis Tools S. Moiras
01/09/2015 Summer student report Tracing and Accounting of Physical Resources in the Computer Centre J. Domšić
01/09/2015 Summer student report Flow Visualizer P. Doncheva
01/09/2015 Summer student report Implementing the Network Debugging Infrastructure for the New Detector Readout Board C. Quast
29/07/2015 Conference paper A Lossless Switch for Data Acquisition Networks G. Jereczek, G. Lehmann Miotto, D. Malone, M. Walukiewicz
10/06/2015 Poster Evaluation of Power Efficiency and Performance of Multi-core Platforms Using HEP Workloads P. Szostek
10/06/2015 Poster Evolution of Database Replication Technologies for WLCG L. L. Pardavila
10/06/2015 Poster Scaling Beyond your Cloud Hybrid OpenStack Clouds M. Denis
10/06/2015 Poster Smart Data Analysis of CERN Control Systems F. Tilaro, A. Voitier, M. Gonzalez Berges
10/06/2015 Poster Feasibility Study to Use Intel Xeon Phi and Xeon-FPGA Computing Accelerators with the Omni-Path Network in the Event Filter Farm for the LHCb Upgrade C. Färber, K. Ha, N. Neufeld, R. Schwemmer, P. Durante
10/06/2015 Poster Success Story: CERN –Siemens/ETM Collaborationto Develop WinCCOpen Architecture P. Fiala, P. Golonka, M. Gonzalez, K. Szkudlarek, F. Varela
10/06/2015 Poster Evaluation of the Huawei UDS Cloud Storage Systems for HEP Applications M. Arsuaga-Rios, S. Heikkila , D. Duellmann
29/05/2015 Poster Analogues between tuning TCP for Data Acquisition and Datacenter Networks G. Jereczek