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Technical Documents

Date published Document type Title Author(s) pdf
06/06/2016 Conference paper Exploring RapidIO Technology within a DAQ System Event Building Network S. Baymani, K. Alexopoulos, S. Valat
05/06/2016 Poster Exploring RapidIO technology within a DAQ system event building network S. Baymani, K. Alexopoulos, S. Valat
09/05/2016 Data Acquisition at CERN: A Future Challenge M. Zeiler
09/05/2016 Silicon Photonic Components for Optical Data Links in High Energy Physics Experiments M. Zeiler
29/03/2016 CERN openlab report CERN-IT evaluation of Microsoft Azure cloud IaaS D. Giordano, C. Cordeiro, A. Di Girolamo, L. Field, H. Riahi, J. Schovancova, A. Valassi, L. Villazon
02/02/2016 Conference paper Improving Reproducibility of Data Science Experiments T. Likhomanenko, A. Rogozhnikov, A. Baranov, E. Khairullin, A. Ustyuzhanin
17/11/2015 Poster GeantV - Next Generation Simulation Prototype A. Gheata, G. Amadio, C. de Paula Bianchini, F. Carminati, S. Vallecorsa, S. Wenzel
13/11/2015 Conference paper Reproducible Experiment Platform T. Likhomanenko, A. Rogozhnikov, A. Baranov, E. Khairullin, A. Ustyuzhanin
13/11/2015 Journal paper Evaluating the transport layer of the ALFA framework for the Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor A. Santogidis
02/11/2015 Conference paper Evaluation of ‘OpenCL for FPGA’ for Acceleration and DAQ in HEP S. Sridharan, P. Durante, N. Neufeld, D. Campora
01/10/2015 CERN’s LHC Explores Silicon Photonics for Data links M. Zeiler
01/09/2015 Summer student report Porting a Java-based Brain Simulation Software to C++ L.J. Breitwieser
01/09/2015 Summer student report Zenodo Information Architecture and Usability M. Potter
01/09/2015 Summer student report Monitoring Commercial Cloud Service Providers L. Kojo
01/09/2015 Summer student report Building a Real-time Notification System J. V. Cantero
01/09/2015 Summer student report Batch Monitoring Dashboards I. Grigorescu
01/09/2015 Summer student report Keystone Identity Service in Openstack P. Pamula
01/09/2015 Summer student report Archiving OpenStack Cloud Volumes J. Kvita
01/09/2015 Summer student report Enhancements to Multiprocessing in ROOT E. Guiraud
01/09/2015 Summer student report RAPIDIO USAGE IN A BIG DATA ENVIRONMENT J. Costa