CERN Accelerating science


Date published Title Author(s) Presented at Presentation file
11/10/2016 RapidIO as a multipurpose interconnect S. Baymani CHEP 2016
11/10/2016 Leveraging Oracle Big Data Discovery to Master CERN’s Data M. Martin Cloudera & Oracle Big Data Summit
10/10/2016 CERN openlab Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Projects F. Rademakers CHEP 2016
10/10/2016 CERN data services for LHC computing X. Espinal Curull CHEP 2016
05/10/2016 Comparison of the radiation hardness of silicon Mach-Zehnder modulators for different DC bias voltages M. Zeiler, S. Detraz, L. Olantera, C. Sigaud, C. Soos, J. Troska, F. Vasey NSS 2016 Strasbourg, France
23/09/2016 Data transfer for manycore processors for hight throughput computing at CERN A.Santogidis Huawei Labs, Paris
22/09/2016 The CERN OpenStack Cloud: Compute Resource Provisioning for the Large Hadron Collider J. van Eldik OpenStack Days Nordic Stockholm
22/09/2016 Using Oracle Database In-Memory feature to Speed-up CERN Applications E. Pilecki Oracle Open World 2016
21/09/2016 Oracle Database In-Memory feature at CERN E. Pilecki Oracle Open World 2016
19/09/2016 Big Data, Information Discovery and the biggest machine in the world A. Romero Merin, M. Martin Marquez Oracle Open World 2016
19/09/2016 What's New for Machine Learning with Oracle Database and Hadoop E. Grancher, M. Martin Marquez Oracle Open World 2016
30/08/2016 GridKA School 2016 OpenStack @ CERN J. Castro Leon GridKa School 2016
07/07/2016 CERN Cloud Experience T. Bell PANDAAS2
06/07/2016 Parallelism in Tracking O. Awile DS@HEP
23/06/2016 Exploring Data-Driven Decision with Oracle Big Data Discovery A. Romero Merin, M. Martin Marquez Cloudera & Oracle Big Data Analytics Innovation Summit
08/06/2016 A Thread-Parallel Implementation of High-Energy Physics Particle Tracking on Many-Core Hardware Platforms O. Awile, P. Szostek PASC Conference 2016
08/06/2016 Database Evolution and Monitoring L. Lupsa CERN openlab open day
07/06/2016 A Lossless Network for Data Acquisition G. Jereczek 2016 Real Time Conference
05/06/2016 Emerging Technologies: RapidIO S. Baymani 20th Real Time Conference, Padova Italy
02/06/2016 Experiments with multi-threaded velopix track reconstruction O. Awile, P. Szostek 7th LHCb Computing Workshop