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14 Nov 2015

Intel and CERN openlab jointly announced the winners of the Modern Code Developer Challenge on 14 November at the annual Intel HPC Developer Conference.

11 Nov 2015

Last week, CERN openlab held its annual technical workshop.

26 Oct 2015

Niko Neufeld is a member of the ‘online system’ team at the LHCb experiment.

20 Oct 2015

Do you have a bright idea for a business? The first-of-its-kind ‘CERN openlab Innovation and Entrepreneurship Event’ is a great opportunity for you to explore it further.

29 Sep 2015

This autumn, two workshops are being organised for scientists and engineers who undertake programming tasks, particularly in C and C++.

Computer architecture and hardware-software interaction (2 days, Oct 26-27)

17 Sep 2015

Are you a student looking for the chance to show off your coding skills? Would you like to win a trip to CERN, or even a nine-week internship with...

27 Aug 2015

The second part of the CERN openlab summer students "Lightning Talks" took place yesterday afternoon.

20 Aug 2015
The first half of the CERN openlab summer students 2015 were invited to give "Lightning Talks" yesterday afternoon.
19 Aug 2015

As well as attending lectures and working on their research projects, several of this year’s CERN openlab summer students volunteered to take part in a ‘webfest’ event held at CERN on the weekend of 1-2 August.