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27 Jul 2016

CERN openlab held an ‘open day’ event on 8-9 June.

21 Jul 2016

On Monday 15 and Thursday 18 August, this year’s CERN openlab summer students will present their work in dedicated public ‘lighting talk’ sessions.

1 Jul 2016

From 11 to 17 June, CERN hosted the 10 young students who won the CERN Special Award at the Intel...

8 Jun 2016

CERN openlab is hosting an ‘open day’ event today and tomorrow at CERN. The event marks 15 years since our unique public-private partnership was established.

11 May 2016

CERN openlab is organising an ‘open day’ event for 8-9 June 2016.

4 May 2016

Last week, CERN openlab held a workshop on machine learning and data analytics.

2 May 2016

We would like to thank each of the 1481 students who applied for this year’s CERN openlab Summer Student Programme and congratulate the students who have been selected.

7 Apr 2016

Russia’s Innopolis University has joined CERN openlab as a research member. The collaboration will focus on modernisation of code used for biological simulation.

23 Mar 2016

We’re pleased to announce that the CERN openlab website now has a new web address:!

9 Mar 2016

In the second of a series of blog posts focusing on CERN openlabs participation in global community events, research fellow Antonio Romero Marin reports back from the recent ...