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29 Aug 2016

ICE-DIP, the Intel-CERN European Doctorate Industrial Program, is a European Industrial Doctorate scheme led by CERN...

19 Aug 2016

Earlier this week, this year’s CERN openlab summer students presented their work in two dedicated public ‘lighting talk’ sessions.

27 Jul 2016

CERN openlab held an ‘open day’ event on 8-9 June.

21 Jul 2016

On Monday 15 and Thursday 18 August, this year’s CERN openlab summer students will present their work in dedicated public ‘lighting talk’ sessions.

1 Jul 2016

From 11 to 17 June, CERN hosted the 10 young students who won the CERN Special Award at the Intel...

8 Jun 2016

CERN openlab is hosting an ‘open day’ event today and tomorrow at CERN. The event marks 15 years since our unique public-private partnership was established.

11 May 2016

CERN openlab is organising an ‘open day’ event for 8-9 June 2016.

4 May 2016

Last week, CERN openlab held a workshop on machine learning and data analytics.

2 May 2016

We would like to thank each of the 1481 students who applied for this year’s CERN openlab Summer Student Programme and congratulate the students who have been selected.