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Best presentations of the Summer Students Programme lightning talks' session

Thursday, 27 August, 2015

The second part of the CERN openlab summer students "Lightning Talks" took place yesterday afternoon.

After much thought and careful consideration, the jury, a panel composed of CERN IT department experts, and the audience voted for their three preferred talks. According to the combined results, the three best presentations were given by:

Azqa Nadeem -  Evaluation and implementation of SQRL and U2F for 2FA

Stavros Moiras - Source Code Review Using Static Analysis Tools

Mihai Patrascoiu - OpenStack Manila

This year’s lightning talks session was marked by the variety of technical challenges and creative ideas. Therefore everyone agreed on the winner of "The Overall Best Lightning Talk 2015":

Azqa Nadeem -  Evaluation and implementation of SQRL and U2F for 2FA

The CERN openlab team would like to warmly congratulate all the summer students who participated!

For more information:
The video recording of the event can be find here.
The video recording of the previous lightning talk is available here.