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5 Dec 2017

Applications for the 2018 CERN openlab Summer Student Programme are now open. Apply and open a world of possibilities!

22 Nov 2017

Fermilab, the USA’s premier particle physics and accelerator laboratory, has joined CERN openlab as a research member.

6 Nov 2017

CERN openlab is holding a workshop on the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) on Tuesday 7 November.

26 Oct 2017

This article is republished from Symmetry magazine.

24 Oct 2017

This opinion article, by Alberto Di Meglio, was originally publihed in in the CERN Courier.


16 Oct 2017

The final students participating in the 2017 CERN openlab Summer Student Programme recently left CERN.

21 Sep 2017

CERN openlab has published a white paper identifying the major ICT challenges that face CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, and other ‘big science’...

14 Aug 2017
CERN openlab is organising an open day on 21 September 2017 — everyone is welcome!
26 Jul 2017

Want to learn about the exciting projects the CERN openlab summer students have been working on? Then come along to the “lighting talk” sessions on Friday, 11 and Tuesday, 15 August.