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29/11/2017 (All day) to 30/11/2017 (All day)

Due to energy constraints, high performance computing platforms are becoming increasingly heterogeneous, achieving greater performance per watt through the use of hardware that is tuned to specific computational kernels or application domains.

CERN openlab is a unique public-private partnership that accelerates the development of cutting-edge solutions for the worldwide LHC community and wider scientific research. Through CERN openlab, CERN collaborates with leading ICT companies and research institutes.

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16 Nov 2017

CERN openlab and Intel are pleased to announce the winners of...

6 Nov 2017

CERN openlab is holding a workshop on the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) on Tuesday 7 November.

26 Oct 2017

This article is republished from Symmetry magazine.

Recent Technical Documents

Document type Title Author(s)
White paper CERN openlab White Paper: Future IT Challenges in Scientific Research A. Di Meglio, M. Girone, A. Purcell, F. Rademakers
CERN openlab report CERN openlab Annual Report 2016 A. Purcell , A. Di Meglio

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